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 While Mother Nature and a Healthy Immune System
Can Fight Off Much of what of What Life Throws at Her VeryDay...
Sometimes ..
Your Animal & Mother Nature can use a little Extra GOO Help.
[ Protection ]

Known as ImmunoSenescence ...
It’s a Biological Fact,
Your Animal’s Immune Response declines with Age.
But, it’s also a FACT ..
that that this Decline is NOT an Irreversible Incitement for the Future..
GOO Silver believes that HEALTH is a Lifetime Dynamic Process
and not merely the Absence of Disease and/or the Acceptance of Biological Degradation.
Healthy GOO, with it’s Senior Varsity Canine Supplement / GOO Silver,
believes that Supplement Therapies can be an Important Part of an Animal’
Vs the Treatment of a Disease that is Established & getting Progressively Worse.

Ultra-Premium Canine Health Supplement


Immunel ä 
[ Supporting Immune System Modulation ]


Colostrum is Mother’s First Milk to her New Born.
         In Mother Nature’s Master Plan, Colostrum is the final nourishing / protective “Mother’s Gift” which she imparts to her New Born before the new born fully leaves the direct bodily contact / protection of their Mother. A final surge of Protective Immune Nutrients meant to Nourish & Prime the new Borns Immune System to begin to Fight what Life Throws at it Everyday.

         Colostrum provides not only perfect nutrition tailored to the needs of the newborn, but also large amounts of living cells which will defend against many harmful agents. The concentration of immune factors is much higher in colostrum than in mature milk.


         Colostrum actually works as a natural and 100% safe vaccine. It contains large quantities of an antibody called secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is a new substance to the newborn. Before birth, the newborn received the benefit of another antibody, called IgG, through the placenta. IgG worked through the circulatory system, but IgA protects the new born in the places most likely to come under attack from germs, namely the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines.

         Colostrum has an especially important role to play in the newborns gastrointestinal tract. A newborn's intestines are very permeable. Colostrum seals the holes by "pPinting" the gastrointestinal tract with a barrier which mostly prevents foreign substances from penetrating and possibly sensitizing a baby to foods the mother has eaten.
         Colostrum also contains high concentrations of leukocytes, protective white cells which can destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
         The Colostrum gradually changes to mature milk during the first two weeks after birth. During this transition, the concentrations of the antibodies in Mother’s milk decrease, but milk volume greatly increases. The disease-fighting properties of milk do not disappear with the colostrum. In fact, as long as your baby receives milk, it will receive immunological protection against many different viruses and bacteria.
  Immunel ä From Sterling Technology is a low molecular weight Colostrum fraction that 
 rapidly mobilize and activate cells to support specific immune defense 
                                          mechanisms.For centuries Colostrum has been used by most cultures for Healing and Wellness.
  Immunel ä is a Smart Bio-Active "Instructing" the Immune System to provide a Targeted 
                                     Immune Response. Immunel supports Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Aspects of 
                                     Immune Function.  

  Immunel ä brings Balance to an Immune System. Immunelhas the ability to Up Regulate and
                                        Down Regulate the Immune System > When It is Needed… No More or Less.
  Immunel ä Acts as an Immune-Modulator, inducing an array of ImmunoActive Molecules
                                         essentail to Immune System communication. Re-Establishing Balanced Regulation
                                         of Immune Function by restoring the Cytokine Communication Pathways by 
                                         utilizing the ImmunoActive Molecules that are extracted from dairy cow colostrum.  
  Immunel ä Treatment of NK Cells with Immunel resulted in an Activation of the NK Cell. 
                                          Natural Killer (NK) Cells are anotehr Type of Immune Cell that is able to respond
                                         Immediately to Invading Pathogens. These Cells are able to Attack Cells that have
                                         become invaded by Viruses, or other Pathogens. 
 Immunel ä Components Overview:
    • Growth Factors:Proteins that bind to receptors on the cell surface with the primary result of activating
                               cellular proliferation and/or differentiation.


    • Immunoglobulins: Also known as antibodies, their job is to neutralize antigens, activate complement  and  promote leukocyte-dependent destruction of microbes.


    • Interferon- Y: Its functions are important in cell-mediated immunity against intracellular microbes. It is predominantly responsible for the antiviral activities of the interferons

    • Interleukin-1: One of the most important immune response modifying interleukins. The predominant function is to enhance the activation of T-cells in response to allergens.
    • Interleukin-2: Promotes the proliferation and differentiation of other immune cells and potentiates apoptotic death of antigen-activated T-cells.
    • Interleukin-6Principle function is to augment the responses of immune cells to other cytokines. It is also the primary inducer of the acute phase response in the liver.

    • Lactoferrin: Binds iron and competes with microorganisms for it. Found to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory activities.

    • Lactoperoxidase: Kills bacteria by oxidative mechanisms. When combined with hydrogen peroxide and thiocyanate, both of which are naturally distributed in human tissues, it forms a potent natural antibacterial system.

    • Lysozyme: Protects us from bacterial infection. It is a small enzyme that attacks the protective cell walls of bacteria.


    • Proline-Rich Polypeptide (PRP): Shown to support the thymus gland, and may help calm an overactive immune system and stimulate an underactive immune system.

Mother First Gift to her NewBorn : Vital IMMUNE Knowledge / Transfer Factors

In the first critical days of life for humans and other mammals ( Your Canine ), a Mother passes on Vital Immune Knowledge through the first meal—Colostrum—which contains Transfer Factor Molecules. As nature’s first supplement, these memory molecules transfer immune experience to educate and prepare the newborn’s immune system to function in the world.


While vitamins and herbs provide nutrition to the immune system, Colostrum Transfer Factors
provideinformationso immune cells can do their jobs faster and more effectively. Research over the years has revealed that transfer factor
molecules are abundant in nature.

With GOO Colostrum, your Canine can benefit from nature’s first supplement by borrowing immune memory from the strong, heroic immune systems of these two animals.

ColostrumTransfer factors:

Help immune cells quicklyrecognizeinvading germs or other potential

• Aid inrememberinghow to tackle each problem your immune system encounters, so your animal’s body knows exactly what to do the next time

• Help the immune systemrespondmore efficiently after an invader has been identified

 Because we are only as Healthy as our Defenses,
the New Medical Paradigm is Self-Defense.
It is only through Immune System Strength and Immune System Balance.
that Good Health can be Achieved.


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