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CalZ•Bone ®

Bodily Structure & Form.

CalZ•Bone ®

Supporting Canine BONE Health
Into the  GOO Silverä Years. 

      Healthy Bones are a critical part to help maintain a Healthy Doggy Lifestyle. Not only do Bones provide Structure and Physical Strength, but also generate Blood Cells and are the Body's Key Storage Site for essential Minerals such as Calcium. As our Animal’s Age, it is important to become familiar with the dynamics of your dog's health and to find ways in which to prolong Longevity by boosting Bone Mass and Bone Density. Bone Density and Bone Mass are vital parts of the Longevity process. When a Bone Density and Bone Mass level is low, the Bones become Brittle. With Brittle Bones in Aging, and as gait changes in your Dog, your Dog will be at a greater risk for Bone breaks that can result in prolonged Injury / Healing, even early Death. For this reason, when your Dog reaches its GOO silver Years, it is time to start to really work toward providing a lifestyle / Nourishment / Supplementation for your Dog that will Boost Bone Health. 

            Calzbone ® is a Clinically Researched / 100% Natural, Adaptogenic Botanical Ingredient Supporting
                                     Bone Health and Bone Mineral Density, and contains a proprietary natural spectrum of key 
                                     Plant-Based forms of Phytohormones, Phytosterols, Calcium and Vitamin D, all compounds 
                                      which work to Support the Building of Bone.

           Calzbone ® derived from Cissus Quadrangularis and known as the “Bone Setter” in Ayurvedic 
                                   Medicine,provides optimal Calcium Absorption into Bones, promoting Optimal Levels of 
                                   Bone Mineral Density has been usedfor Thousands of Years to Speed the Healing of 
                                   Bone Fractures & Dramatically reduce Joint Inflammation & Pain. 
           Calzbone ® a strong AntiOxidant Agent, is a Single Ingredient supporting Bone, Cartilage & Joint 
                                    Health together.    

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