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Ingredients - Anti-Inflamatory
Protection )
GOO Silverä

( Optimized Curcumin Extract )
Pomella ®
( Pomegranate Extract )
Trans-Resveratrol 99%
( Extract )
WokVel ®
( Extract )

 Inflammation can come from Anywhere in the Body.
Chronic / UnTreated Inflammation
spurred by Immune System Over-Load
Key Factor in most ALL Chronic Degenerative & LifeStyle Diseases.

Inflammatory Response
The Body’s Natural Response to Injury / Irritation.
But, sometimes the Injury / Source of Inflammation i
s ever-present and the Immune System Does Not Shut Off.

Instead releasing a stream of Inflammation-promoting compounds
that spread throughout the body, damaging cells and tissues.
Extinguish the FIRE of Inflammation !
GOO Silverä
Anti-Inflammation Ingredients
LongVida ®

[ Optimized Curcumin ]
A New Paradigm for Healthy Brain Aging !

       LongVida Ò or “Long Life” = Optimized Curcumin.

       LongVida Ò Recent Studies show that Curcumin directly turns on a key gene
                                    signal involved with protection of your nerves so as to boost
                                    antioxidant enzymes in  the brain, and prevent
                                    NeuroDegeneration. Suggesting that Curcumin offers
                                    protection for a wide variety of age-associated nerve problems.
       LongVida Ò The Only Highly BioAvailable (Solubility, Permeability & Stability )
                                    Form of  “Wonder Compound” Curcumin the Active Ingredient of
       LongVida Ò is an Ideal Broad-Spectrum NeuroProtective Agent.
       LongVida Ò Reduces Oxidation Damage.
         LongVida Ò More than 2 dozen Anti-Inflammatory Compounds, LongVida
                                    Reduces Inflammation caused by Genetic PreDisposition /                                     Environmental / Age  Related Stress.
        LongVida Ò Regulates Lipid & Protein Aggregates which Accumulate as a
                                    Result of Ageing / Inflammation & Oxidation.
      LongVida Ò M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Dept. of Experimental
                                    Therapeutics >  Curcumin has been shown to exhibit Anti-
                                    Oxidant / Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Viral / Anti-Bacterial /
                                    Anti-Fungal & Anti-Cancer Activities.

       LongVida Ò  Optimized Curcumin has demonstrated significant potential
                                    effect against  Malingnant Diseases; Diabetes / Allergies /
                                    Arthritis / Cognitive Impairment and other Chronic Diseases.
        LongVida Ò Clinically-Based Cognitive Enhancer.
      LongVida Ò Possessing Neuro-Protective Properties.
        LongVida Ò Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle ( SLCP ) Technology preserves                                      protects LongVide Curcumin from Harsh Environment of
                                    Stomach, promoting rapid  Absorption into BloodStream &
                                    Target Tissues.
      LongVida Ò Result of 10-year Development UCLA Medical School & Verdure
                                    Sciences, an Innovative Bio-Nutritional Company.
      LongVida Ò 100 Times more BioAvailable than regular Curcumin.
      LongVida Ò A Comprehensive Summary of Curcumin Studies concluded
                                       Curcumin appears to OutPerform many Pharmaceuticals in its                                        Effect against several Chronic Debilitating Diseases, and does                                        so with Virtually No Adverse Side Effects.



LONGVIDA is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences, Inc. Patents Pending.

[ Optimal Joint Health & Flexibility ]
Joint Anti-Inflammatory ]
WokVel Ò has Direct Anti-Inflammation Joint Action (unlike MSM & Collagen), Clinically proven to
                      address various Joint Health Issues and compares favorably to Non-Steroidal
                     Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs ).
WokVelÒ Early Ayurvedic Physicians adopted Boswellia because it was perceived to give Elephants
                     the Longevity & Strength to lead an Active Life.
WokVel Ò Boswellia Serrate, 100% Natural / not Chemically Modified. Readily Absorbed.
WokVel Ò has Health Benefits beyond Joint / Anti-Inflammation; they include GastroIntestinal /  Digestive Health & Respiratory.
WokVel Ò Clinically shown, leads to significant Increase of Joint Flexion & Mobility, and was Well Tolerated.

Double Fighting Capability

Anti - Free Radical-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory

99% Pure

  Trans-Resveratrol Full Spectrum Trans-Resveratrol, the most Active Constituent
                     of Resveratrol is an active Ploy-Phenol provides
Anti-Oxidant &
                     Anti-Inflammation Protection, boosts Cellular Energy, Balances
the Immune
                     System and
Protects the body against the kind of damage linked to increased
                     risk for
conditions such as Cancer, Heart and Cognitive Health Issues.
  Trans-Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Fighting Capability ! Pure Trans-Resveratrol
has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Level of
                      30,000 / Gram supporting
your Animal’s Natural Defense System.
  Trans-Resveratrol Trans-Resveratrol, a potent Antioxidant is different than other
                      Antioxidants. It not only helps you Neutralize harmful
Free Radicals, but it
readily Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier to protect Brain & Nervous System.
  Trans-Resveratrol Cellular level Benefits by activating Genes which Repair and
                      support Cell Functions.
  Trans-Resveratrol Several research studies have shown that
                     Trans -Resveratrol    significantly modulates biomarkers of bone metabolism,
                      inhibits pro-inflammatory enzymes such as COX-1 and COX-2, and exhibits
                      chemo preventive agents, anti carcinogenic properties, cardio protective effects,
NeuroProtective properties, and caloric restrictive behavior.
  Trans-Resveratrol The key to cellular energy lies within the mitochondria and has
                     been determined to be the foundation of living longer.Trans-Resveratrol has shown
                     the ability to increase the number of mitochondria thereby increasing your total
                           daily Energy  enhanced sensorimotor function.
                          Studies have shown thatTrans-Resveratrol promotes an increase in mitochondrial
                           function,  which translates into an increase in energy expenditure, improved aerobic                            capacity.
  Trans-Resveratrol Although research on Resveratrol for Dogs is still very much
                      limited, given the fact that Resveratrol is an Anti-Oxidant and
                      as demonstrated in positive clinical study results on lab
animals, we may
                      assume that Resveratrol is beneficial to Dogs as well. In
particular, Resveratrol
                      can likely promote longevity and control weight in Dogs.
  Trans-Resveratrol Perhaps the most exciting thing about Resveratrol benefits
                     for Dogs is its
potential ability to prevent and Slow Down Cancer growth in Dogs,
                     due to its
Anti-   Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer properties. According to the
                     National Cancer Institute,
Resveratrol has been shown to reduce tumor growth
                     in Animals by affecting one or more stages
of Cancer development. It seems to
                     be able to inhibit cancer cell growth and metastasis.
                     To quote Dr. Robert Sclafani, the Chair of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
                     Dept. at CU Denver, "There's no doubt, if you feed an Animal this stuff,
going to  get less Cancer."
  Trans-Resveratrol Anecdotally, Dog Parents who have started giving Resveratrol
                      supplements to their Dogs have reported that their Dogs are
leaner, more Alert,
                      and have more Energy. Some Dog Parents supplement their
older Dogs with
                      Resveratrol for Cancer prevention. There are also anecdotal
reports by Dog
                      Parents that Resveratrol actually has Slowed Down or even
Stopped the growth
                      of Cancer in their Dogs.
Trans-Resveratrol Helps suport Blood Pressure Levels.   
Trans-Resveratrol Supports Health Health and Blood Vessel Elasticity.   
Trans-Resveratrol Promotes Healthy Blood Lipids and Circulation.  
Trans-Resveratrol May boost Metabolic Rate & Promote Ideal Weight.
  Trans-Resveratrol Resveratrol Stops Inflammation with a One-Two Punch that prevents
                                                   your Body from creating two different molecules known to trigger                                                       Inflammation --    Sphingosine Kinase  and Phospholipase D.

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