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Kaneka QH Ubiquinol
[ Enhanced Bio-Active CoQ10 ]

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Present, Appearing, or found EveryWhere
  QH Ubiquinol The Vitamin-esque Nutrient CoEnzyme  Q10 (CoQ10), found in its “Power House”
                                 Mitochondria, is in virtually every Bodily Cell / Organ / Tissue. The name 
                                 Ubiquinol i.e. Ubiquitous means “Everywhere” signifying CoQ10’s presence in 
                                 the Body…. EveryWhere !

  QH Ubiquinol  featuring Kaneka QH contains the concentrated form of CoEnzyme Q10 offers
                                 supplementary source to inadequate Diet and Declining Bodily Production.

   QH Ubiquinol Active Anti-Oxidant counteracts harmful effects of Oxidative Stress & Free
                                 Radicals, which can cause Damage to Proteins, Lipids & DNA.

  QH Ubiquinol Approx. 95% of Body’s Energy Supply is Converted with the help of CoQ10.
                                 Critical Nutrient Role in conversion of Food Energy into Cellular Energy 
                                 supporting Heart, Liver, Brain, Muscles, Lungs & Immune Function.

   QH Ubiquinol Ubiquinol is the Pre-Converted, Active form of CoQ10. With its Patented Highly
                                 Bio-Available Delivery System offers 8X Bio-Availability of over Ubiquinone, an 
                                 inferior form of CoQ10.
  QH Ubiquinol Supports healthy utilization of Oxygen in Tissues.

GOO Silver’s Ubiquinol CoQ10
works in Three Main ways:
#1) Q10 is essential for the production of energy inside cells. If Q10 is low energy production is proportionately reduced.

#2) Q10 may take on the role of antioxidant, helping to protect the inner parts of cells as well as cell membranes from free radicals. It works as a direct antioxidant itself, as well as an essential nutrient to recycle vitamin E so that it can maintain proper antioxidant activity.

#3) Q10 provides a concentration of energy to cell membranes to help them work properly. When Q10 energy concentrations are proper in cell membranes it is like having a charged
battery. This proton electrical charge is helps open switches on the surface of cells that let important nutrients and hormones into cells, as well as keeping undesirable waste products and toxins out of cells.

Q10 also works in the general circulation. As an antioxidant working synergistically with vitamin E, it helps neutralize free radicals that may cause circulatory distress. By energizing cell membranes, it supports the cellular health of those cells lining the arteries as well as cells moving through the circulatory system. The net result of multiple activities of Q10 is that it helps the natural movement of circulation, supporting normal blood pressure function. A variety of human studies have been conducted with coenzyme Q10 confirming the role of Q10 as a valuable cardiovascular support nutrient.


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